Uncle Jake – Ron Wright

Uncle Lucas – Duane Brown

Duane G. Brown was born in Fort Polk, Louisiana to Roscoe and Ida Brown. His father was a Vietnan Veteran. He has three brothers and one sister. Being a military brat allowed him to travel and experience different cultures across the country. Being exposed to sports and diverse cultural backgrounds(AK., KS., GA., KY. & FL.) would be the backbone which would help make him the man he is today. He graduated from Fort Knox High School where he excelled in basketball and football. His senior year his team was ranked the most talented in the state of Kentucky, but only reached regionals before being eliminated out of the playoffs. He would receive All District honors and an MVP award. In football, his team was the first in school history to win a AA State Championship Title. They had a perfect record of 15 wins and 0 losses. He earned All State honors in his defensive end position. Despite his success in football, he received a scholarship to play basketball at Selma University in Alabama where he graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. After he graduated from Selma University, he was invited to go to Dallas to tryout to play professional basketball, but, unfortunately he didn’t make the team. He then decided to go to Florida where his family was and has had several interesting jobs. He also was a member of Kentucky’s Army National Guard for eight years and was honorably discharged. He did his Basic and AIT Training in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri. His mos was 62B(Heavy Equipment Repairer). He is currently working in Tallahassee, where he met his coworker(Drake Conrad), who inspired him to audition for his first movie, HBO’S “RECOUNT” as an extra. His latest project he is filming is from New York Times Best-Selling Author Brenda Jackson’s, “Truly Everlasting”.

Uncle Lee – Al Dixon

Mary – Cora Williams

In the middle of an air raid during World War II in England, a single mother gave birth to a daughter, Cora Anne. Unable to care for her daughter, Cora went into foster care.

Luckily her foster Mother was from a theatrical family who gave her the encouragement that drove her to the Arts where she learned Music and Dance at an early age. By her teens Cora Anne had become a professional Dancer. Fortunately an opportunity came her way for a leading role in the Theater as ”Maid Marion ” in Robinhood thus acting become a large part of her life. Aside from acting in the Theater ,coupled with her dancing Cora Anne was asked to appear in her first movie, Beautifull Britain, as a host.

By the 70′s Cora Anne had married and started a family. As the years passed Cora Anne moved to the U.S,A, with her family in the early part of the 80s. She bought a business in Flordia and, for the most part, it took over her life.  But despite all the hard work Cora Anne and her family enjoyed travelling around the world; Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Safari in Africa and Europe. Equally inportant, Cora Anne rusumed playing the Piano , and as it follows, a yearning to Act once again surfaced. With this in mind Cora Anne returned to acting in Films as an extra as a Hosipital Patient in A.E, The Glades, and a Jackie Mason film, In-a-Pickle, as a hotel guest. Subsequently she had a leading role in an independent film as ”Wend” in All Keith’s Shop.

Delivery Man – Randy Ritchwood

Process Server – Bryan Way

Javon Cotton – Diana Madaris

Javon Cotton is the daughter of Johnny and Earlene Fedd. She is the third daughter of Johnny and Earlene’s seven children, six girls and one boy. Javon was raised in Jakin, Ga a small country town in Southwest Ga. She loved to sing and act as a child and into adulthood.  Javon has sung at weddings, special events and has also directed a choir. She would do anything to be in front of the cameras.

After attending cosmetology school she became a master cosmetologist/ makeup artist. Javon opened her own salon in Albany Ga, August 20, 2000 at the age of twenty and still runs the business today.  In 2009 Javon took theater/music acting lessons in Atlanta Ga.. Javon is coached by Mr. Ralph Wilcox, a Southwest Georgia film commission Producer who has credited thirty-years as a veteran actor in Hollywood and on the New York Broadway stage. He is now an Executive Producer/Director/and CEO of the Jokara-Micheaux Film/Television/Music Production Studio.  Javon plans to peruse her acting career and dreams of achieving as much, if not more than her coach, Mr. Ralph Wilcox in acting. Truly Everlasting is her first film.

Milton Madaris – Keith McCary

The son of an Alabama steel laborer Andrew C. McCary and laundry worker Naomi Motley, Keith A. McCary Sr. grew up as an only child in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, where he was constantly encouraged, and urged on by his parents to study and at least, do something that circumstances prohibited them from doing, that was to finish high school.

He remembers his late dad’s words as if they were spoken just yesterday, “My only wish, is that you won’t have to labor like I do to make a living, learn to use your head instead of your hands!” Keith would use his mind, and his voice to become a great speaker, which in turn would create opportunities for him to be called on quite frequently to give talks at his local Kingdom Hall. He would sneak into the basement to listen, and then memorize party albums by a few of the classic comedians of the sixties and seventies, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Rudy Ray Moore just to name a few. This would eventually lead him to Karamu House, where under the name of Special ‘k’ McCray, he would make his professional theatrical debut as ‘Deacon Crow for Day’ in their 1984 stage production of Langston Hughes’“Tambourines to Glory”!

From that humble beginning, he would tour the country as a stand up comedian working all the mainstream rooms, and then the cruise ships and casinos. It was while working as a regular in a Lakeland, Florida Comedy Club that he would be discovered for his first motion picture, a small role as ‘Big Money Bunny’ in Orion Pictures ‘Chinamoon’ with Ed Harris and Benicio Del Toro. That role would lead to the part of ‘Willie Red’ in MGM‟s ‘Rush’ with Jason Patric, Sam Elliott, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, and Greg Allman, which in turn led to the role that endeared him as “America‟s Favorite Relative”, ‘Cousin Pete’ in John Singleton‟s ‘Poetic Justice’ that starred Janet Jackson, Maya Angelou, Joe Torry, Regina King and the late Tupac Shakur.

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Mrs. Gardner – Schwanda Winston

The daughter of Mary and the late Richard Collins, Schwanda has always had a special gift of entertaining friends and family. At the age of 11, her creative skills were recognized by having one of her first poems published in the local newspapers in Jacksonville Florida. As an adult, Schwanda has been blessed with the opportunity to truly live her dreams as an actress, writer and producer. Her professional acting career credits include commercial and industrial films as well as stage productions that have been showcased through out the U.S. and internationally. In 2002, she obtained her Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) membership, a coveted actor‟s union, solidifying her presence as a professional actress in the industry. Her and her husband, Jeffrey Winston formed Winston and Winston Productions and Schwanda penned the debut stage production, “Life Lessons on Love ~ A Spiritual Journey” in 2003. She has traveled and performed for nearly seven years, selling out venues at each performance. Schwanda attributes her success to her strong faith in God, and her family and friends supporting her in every endeavor she pursues.

Website link www.schwandawinston.com


Alex Maxwell – Jullian Goodin