Javon Cotton – Diana Madaris

Javon Cotton is the daughter of Johnny and Earlene Fedd. She is the third daughter of Johnny and Earlene’s seven children, six girls and one boy. Javon was raised in Jakin, Ga a small country town in Southwest Ga. She loved to sing and act as a child and into adulthood.  Javon has sung at weddings, special events and has also directed a choir. She would do anything to be in front of the cameras.

After attending cosmetology school she became a master cosmetologist/ makeup artist. Javon opened her own salon in Albany Ga, August 20, 2000 at the age of twenty and still runs the business today.  In 2009 Javon took theater/music acting lessons in Atlanta Ga.. Javon is coached by Mr. Ralph Wilcox, a Southwest Georgia film commission Producer who has credited thirty-years as a veteran actor in Hollywood and on the New York Broadway stage. He is now an Executive Producer/Director/and CEO of the Jokara-Micheaux Film/Television/Music Production Studio.  Javon plans to peruse her acting career and dreams of achieving as much, if not more than her coach, Mr. Ralph Wilcox in acting. Truly Everlasting is her first film.