Uncle Lucas – Duane Brown

Duane G. Brown was born in Fort Polk, Louisiana to Roscoe and Ida Brown. His father was a Vietnan Veteran. He has three brothers and one sister. Being a military brat allowed him to travel and experience different cultures across the country. Being exposed to sports and diverse cultural backgrounds(AK., KS., GA., KY. & FL.) would be the backbone which would help make him the man he is today. He graduated from Fort Knox High School where he excelled in basketball and football. His senior year his team was ranked the most talented in the state of Kentucky, but only reached regionals before being eliminated out of the playoffs. He would receive All District honors and an MVP award. In football, his team was the first in school history to win a AA State Championship Title. They had a perfect record of 15 wins and 0 losses. He earned All State honors in his defensive end position. Despite his success in football, he received a scholarship to play basketball at Selma University in Alabama where he graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration. After he graduated from Selma University, he was invited to go to Dallas to tryout to play professional basketball, but, unfortunately he didn’t make the team. He then decided to go to Florida where his family was and has had several interesting jobs. He also was a member of Kentucky’s Army National Guard for eight years and was honorably discharged. He did his Basic and AIT Training in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri. His mos was 62B(Heavy Equipment Repairer). He is currently working in Tallahassee, where he met his coworker(Drake Conrad), who inspired him to audition for his first movie, HBO’S “RECOUNT” as an extra. His latest project he is filming is from New York Times Best-Selling Author Brenda Jackson’s, “Truly Everlasting”.