Stephanie – Natalie Stavola

Prior to becoming a stunning actress, Natalie spent 14 years performing as a dancer and 9 years as a flautist- not a florist, but a flute player. After several years at band camp, Natalie decided it was time to trade in the flute for something different- an acting mask. Throughout the years, Natalie has appeared in several theatrical productions and short films. During her studies in psychology and communications at Florida State University, Natalie was bitten by the acting bug- and it stuck. She became more involved with student films, and her acting talent took flight. After graduating and deciding the economy crash was not enough of a challenge, she announced her career switch to professional acting, and has not been taken seriously by her parents since. Aside from the dangerous acting career, Natalie also enjoys snowboarding, laughing until her sides hurt, and juicy romance novels (especially ones by Brenda Jackson!) Feel free to find her around town- holding up signs for your local “buy gold for cash store”.

Website link: Natalie Stavola