Jolene Maxwell – Kattie Harvey

Kattie Harvey began performing at an early age.  At the age of seven, she was already performing ballet and cheerleading.  She is the former owner of Blaque Widow Promotions which was an all-female promotions street team.  During her tenure with BWP she had the privilege of working with artists such as Allen Payne, Jermaine Dupree, TLC, and 95S.  She was also featured in music videos “Baby, baby, baby” by TLC and “Whoot there it is” by 95S.  Her talents also include writing poetry and casting.  Writing poetry allows her to free her thoughts and express emotions that run deeper that the mind can imagine.  She is known to her and family and friends as a creative force.  She had the opportunity to collaborate with Five Alive Productions for the casting and auditions for the movie trailer “Slow Burn” by award-winning author Brenda Jackson.   She is married to her high school sweetheart and has two toddler children (Saniya and Shane).  Starring in a movie has always been her dream and now that dream will come true through “Truly Everylasting”.  Kattie is also a seasoned and professional Employment Recruiter.